Removal steps 1, the electrical partially dismantled First remove the main circuit cable (including each; after all cables are dismantled with plastic bag packaging and bundling with cable ties sealed to prevent water moisture; if only dismantle cable end, the need to make its mark with oil pen back plate well fixed. cable motor), after the removal of the control circuit (including the control line solenoid valve, limit sensor). 2, the mechanical part of the demolition To adhere to the principle of mixing station demolished after the jct multifunctional industrial cement mixer first demolition, the demolition order for the closed system -> Batch Machine System -> Flat belt conveyor -> inclined belt conveyors -> screw conveyor -> Ash Cement Weighing System -> Host steel mixing system -> cement, fly ash cans. As a result of tight schedules, can in ensuring the safe operation of the premise, several jobs simultaneously according to site conditions. (1) on the first closure removed, then the system will batching machine hopper station standings after removal of the weighing hopper hopper and turn the whole field, pay attention to protect the load sensor; (2) conveyor belt as a whole placed in vacant spaces prepared in advance; attention to the protection of the motor in the lifting process, to prevent collisions; (3) will control the operating platform fixed, dismantle bracket bolts control room, control is lifted after the first, with the torch at the removal of the bracket from the concrete buttress, and tied with wire transfer field; (4) after removal of the first screw conveyor, then split cement, fly ash weighing system and hanging out, and then dismantling the leg connecting bolts and steel mixer hanging from the scene together, pay attention to check the ears of the original mixing console welding conditions, such as if sealing off phenomenon or serious corrosion should be reviewed promptly patching or re-welding the new lug. (5) mixing station fly ash bin is the highest and most important component, its height is 21m, about 13 tons net weight, lifting distance of 10m is the focus of the lifting process control, 50-ton crane shackle load Fly tank lug, so cranes taut rope, then use the high quality of portable stone mortar cement mixer for sale torch from the concrete buttresses at the legs removed. Finally, a 16-ton crane to lift the bottom half steel bracket. Two cranes unified command by hand, will fly to the level of the tank and then left hanging ground, lifting over Slow process should first lift the lower end of a certain height, and then release the upper end down the appropriate height, cement tank likewise. 3, lifting operations Caution (1) The installation should be removed before lifting the job site by road obstacles, so that the site clean, smooth traffic; (2) the use of new equipment or adopt new technology must undergo technical evaluation; (3) Before lifting a variety of lifting machinery, lifting test should be carried out; (4) a variety of lifting machinery in the use and walking, should have a good road; (5) The rigger concentrated energy at work, a clear division of labor, obey the unified command; (6) when lifting heavy objects, gin pole can not be someone at the residence, or walking, when the crane to stop work, should secure the stopper, tightening hook and rope; (7) The rigger must be familiar with the construction method, lifting equipment performance, features and the exact weight of the object as well as the lifting of construction safety requirements; (8) using two crane while lifting weights, should be at the double-barrel vertical portable mortar mixer construction site person in charge of the unified command, whether in the lifting process, two crane landing weight must be balanced, so that each share from the weight does not exceed its allowable load capacity; (9) when lifting heavy objects, tying spreader should be firm, to prevent the hook slipping. (10) vertical transportation must direct the designated persons. Connecting device must be secure to prevent off hook, slip car accident.